Screened In Porch – new sturdy steps

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Jen and I decided that the steps and the siding are the priority, and once those things are done, we will sit back and enjoy the porch (probably screen it in in the fall or next spring).

Having 3 days off, I decided that I would do the steps myself.  After lots of thinking it through and measuring, I set out for home depot.

This is what I have to work with, after removing the cement step and the wobbly boards. There’s no going back now!  I hope I don’t need to go find some Wawa milk crates!

I figured out that I could use pre-made stringers with some deck/joist hangers.

After 3 trips to home depot, 2 steps were completed when I ran out of daylight

trip 1) stringers, deck screws, (1) 2″x10″
trip 2) return stringers, get the right stringers (4 steps) get 3″ deck screws, (2) 1″x6″, and a couple 2″x6″ to get started
trip 3) get 1 5/8″ deck screws

Don’t come over yet!  It’s not safe!  😉  Finishing up tomorrow!

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