Month: December 2012

kitchen renovation tidbits

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BULK paperplates, plastic utensils, water bottles

primer+1, all in one paint…just sucks!!  waste of money!

if you get the opportunity to wrap your tub with isolation, do it!  really makes a difference when you lean back

17 cabinets = 41 pulls

when in home depot/lowes and even ikea, use the same credit card

if you cant decide between 2 things, buy them both, you can take everything back after the project is complete, and you wont need your receipt for homedepot/lowes as long as you have the credit card….sure as hell beats going back a second time after every trip

the weight of 200 ceramic tiles can actually test the support of your car…also, people in Lowes don’t care if you cant stop the cart when you are using your full body momentum to move it forward

buy what you know will be happy with even if it cost a few extra bucks…you only want to do this once!