Month: April 2017

2017 Spring Catch Up

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Normally I make a wish list, but this Spring there are no big projects going on…and I really need to fix a few things, tweak a few others and finish up some stuff that got put on the back burner.

And since I am SO far behind, maybe I can catch you up a little!

Bike Riding – Because of a hurricane, and the finish line being under water. The big MS150 City to Shore was cancelled. We were ready…at least ready for the first 80 miles of it! Jen, Pat and I all took the road safety course, had our bikes ‘inspected’ and were riding weekly…we were a bit let down when it was cancelled, but who wants to ride bikes in a hurricane anyway?? Instead of signing up for next year’s ride we decided that we would rather find local rides or maybe a local bike club…but we are still riding as often as possible.

I have taken up another that Jen has been pulled into and we share with all our friends. Wine Making! This may one of the best hobbies yet! We made 4 wines last year…I have already completed the first one this year (“The Siege” – Cabernet Franc) and have started the next one (grenache cabernet). I bought a 70 bottle wine rack, it is damn near full. Spring BBQ, my friends??

The screened in porch is 99% done, I plan on getting some pictures up and give it’s own page(s). Finishing up the details and another coat of paint are my priorities this spring! I want it 100% done, time to decorate, DONE!


Had some fireplace issues this winter. That was a story within itself…has it’s own page!

Jen and I also decided to try a small garden again this year. The ‘garden boxes’ that we built a few years ago still look good. Jen started looking at ‘raised garden beds’ online…and I can’t believe the prices, so I decided to make one…and if the garden does well, we may buy one next year (made of teak, cedar or eucalyptus)

raised_garden_bed tomato_zucchini_beets

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