Month: September 2012


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With the humidy being a factor, we decided to wait until Sunday to do the grouting.  So I spent some time scraping any runaway thinset…there wasn’t a lot but enough to keep me busy off and on all day.  I am loving this floor!


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Had to make a Home Depot run, this time to Delaware.  The things we are getting make the tax free state worth the drive.

cement subfloor and all supplies

paint and all supplies

I only wish that there was an Ikea in Delaware too!  Ran there to look at countertops, we may have found what we want.  And we also bought the high cabinets. There is only one wall that will be getting these cabinets, and there are still alot more to get, so why not get them home a few at a time.


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Scott got here bright and early…today is subfloor day.  14 sheets of cement board and 900 screws.  Scott cut the boards and I screwed them into place and it took ALL day (maybe I should take off some time from work)

really crazy week!

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With work stuff, just about everything we do is on someone else’s timetable.  Don’t ya know, everything started coming together this week after a 2-3 week delay??  Since Thursday afternoon, me and my (ass-kickin) co-workers brought up an OC48 between Race Str and Broad Str, brought a new POP/COLO live and now have active traffic moving across that OC48!  Very exciting considering all of the obstacles!

my bestie, Christina had heart surgery Friday for the second time in ~2 months.  She spent 7-8 hours under anesthesia and the doctor is fairly confident that he took care of everything that he needed to in there!  What an emotional crazy day! I hope that I never need to go back to Jefferson U Hosp again in my life…(it’s not a bad hospital, just a hospital).

Drywall is UP!

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It has been a few days since my last post but that doesn’t mean things are not getting done!

Wednesday, Scott and Allan were here all day, drywall, moving the door and electricity.  2 guys, 8 hours and 20 sheets of drywall…it truly is an amazing thing to watch!  I would have loved to help more!  Scott came by on Thursday and finished hanging drywall, he’s almost done electricity and when I got home from Philly, he showed us some joint compounding techniques…so Jen and I hope to dig into this project this weekend…

Rain, Vapor Barrier, Insulation…

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Tonight, I started stapling up the vapor barrier, total pain in the ass…you have to expect every 3rd staple to come out because the plastic is so heavy.  And don’t forget that the staple gun has to be reloaded just about EVERY time you get on a roll

With the VERY heavy rain I found out that there was a water leak from the roof! bright white paint where the water was coming in and a call to Scott…it will all work out!

RANT…letting it go

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More than one person has made a comment that we haven’t gotten very much done (I feel that way sometimes too)..BUT just about every task that has been accomplished is documented in my blog and most of these tasks are done by me…with some help that I am grateful for (Jen and Shirl) and it’s all done right!! Not saying that Scott hasn’t done anything…he has done the jobs that I didn’t know how to do…all BIG jobs!

had to find a place to put everything that needed to come out of the kitchen (jen did most of this and I moved stove/fridge and any furniture that needed to be moved)

I gutted several layers of kitchen, loaded up the truck to get rid of it all, I have worked on something in that room almost every day and have done the shopping for what’s next (Jen has to do this stuff too, because it’s her kitchen :))…

my back is killing me

haven’t had much time to myself, forget trying to watch a movie

really wishing I could make a good meal…it’s nice being able to cook on the grill, but cooking takes away from working on the kitchen time

the dust

the new kitchen stuff all over the house

doing dishes in a tiny bathroom sink, not that we have alot of dishes, but still, tiny sink, big blender

now Jen’s office is displaced to the basement room because we are working on the doorway to her office, so whiny dogs at the top of the stairs that act like they dont know how to navigate steps, (although this is a little easier than dealing with dogs laying in doorways)

endless trips to Home Depot/Lowes (even though, I am pretty good at consolidating my trips as much as possible)

to cut the grass or to have someone else do it??  thanks Richard and RTS Landscaping!

oh and I have a FULL-TIME job that requires more than a 40 hour work week (on-call every 4 days)