Month: May 2019


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I love all of the seasons, but my back yard is busiest with creatures in the Spring…

So today, I look out the back window and see the biggest robin ever…which made the DJ in my head start early. I have no control of the order or what’s next, so I’m sharing the bird songs that started my day…

Rockin Robin


3 Little Birds


I’m Like a Bird

When Doves Cry

FreeBird <– not even linking this one…I’ve heard this one enough in this life time

Disco Duck

Fly Like An Eagle

Right about here I got tired of hearing about birds and just went right down the youtube rabbit hole! Just let it play the next song

Still rebuilding & catching up

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Today, I fixed the email sign up portion from the first version of this site. So this post will be the test to see if it’s working. If it works, I will probably pause it until I get it all back together.

The hardest part about rebuilding has been figuring out which pictures I posted the first time around. I was thinking about once I get it all back up and happy, I will go through my .jpgs and do some “revisiting” posts with more thoughts and pictures.

first real ride of the Spring

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Edda and I hit the trail this morning. She was telling me about an upcoming ride that she is doing. Midwest, I think she said 6 days. She’ll drive to St Louis and they will shuttle her 400+ miles west, set her up with a nightly tent (for a fee) every night. I would definitely do this! I will be asking Edda for more info…

Edda also showed me that Map My Ride now has auto-pause…no more forgetting to un pause it when we stop for water breaks, potty stops or just a stop to smell the roses (the bike trails have some really beautiful views)

Things I completely forgot…

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I have been going through alot of paperwork trying to get my tax info together and realized some of the things we’ve done around here that I had completely forgot about.

The first thing I did when I bought the house was gutting the bathroom. The only things that I didn’t replace were the toilet and the tub. When I ripped out the wall behind the tub, I found there was a stained glass window enclosed in the wall. That is the point where I realized that at some point that was the exterior of the house and they had added on to the kitchen. The other thing that stood out was when I removed the dry-wall from behind the sink, there were enough razor blades to fill a shoe box…It was crazy…and rusty…and gross. I wish I had taken a picture of that. I ay have some picture of the bathroom gut, but I won’t try to find them now.

I replaced the outside front door, the inside front door and the outside back door. I may have pictures of that too…That was done by Dan Crawford (DCraw Construction), the same guy that added the steps to the attic and the back deck.

I may need to review the blog to see if I ever added the deck build and the shed build. But I’m sure that there were other things that I forgot…we shall see.

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