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The first thing I did when I bought this house was gut the bathroom (except the tub – love the old comfy back rest…oh and I re-built and re-installed the old reliable toilet).  I may be able to search through the many pictures and find some before and durings, because I always take pictures (just not always able to find them)….but anyway

The faucet started dripping and I found out the HomeDepot does not sell the cartridges for this faucet any longer (even though they still sell the damn faucets), and the cost of shipping from the manufacturer and the snail mail weeks worth of water dripping made the decision to just buy a new faucet…and since the bottom of the cabinet was water damaged, it’s coming out too…

Since it’s a small space between the tub and the toilet, my options of cabinets are limited. I found a sink cabinet combo at HomeDepot (I really wish there was a Lowes in my area…or even better, an Ace Hardware)

Now I know that every house reno (even replacing an outlet) can become a huge project so I plan out to do this on a Saturday, early, just in case there are “complications”. I bought all new supply lines and a u trap because, well, huge problem preventative.

cabinet/sink/faucet (plumbing tools and supplies…ready to go)

I disconnected both of the supply lines, the U trap, carefully remove the cabinet so that I don’t rip out the drywall…so far, so good!  The sewage line runs straight down through the floor instead of through the wall, so I need to cut a hole in the bottom of the cabinet…really not a big deal…hole saw, measure twice, cut once…I impressed myself…it fit and nice and snugly too.  So I level it and caulk it in place…part 1 done, looks good!

Next, putting the new faucet in the new sink (that is part of the sink/cabinet combo), supply lines connected, ready to drop it in.  Something doesn’t look right!  The new faucet is hanging over the sink…by at least a 1/2″  * DAMN SINK IS FAULTY!!  I guess no-one ever checked the specs before cutting the holes.  And it’s part of a combo that 1/2 is installed (nicely) and I cut a freakin hole in the bottom…so I can’t return it or exchange it!

Good thing I didn’t use a hammer to get the old sink out (I was tempted), so I cleaned all the caulk off of it, made it look nice and installed the faucet and dropped it in.  It looks nice, I am happy with my work!

  • (called HomeDepot about the sink/cabinet combo, left a few messages, sent a few emails…never heard anything back, not even a courtesy call to let me know they got my messages)

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