Month: January 2020

January 1, 2020

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Today is Jan 1…just like yesterday but the year changed. Well, I guess the decade changed too…I was awake until a little after midnight…mostly because of all of the fireworks…but this may have been the first year in a decade I was not already asleep.

The only thing consistent about the New Year has always been, I am sick, getting sick or just feel like shit for a couple days.

I no longer write checks (maybe 1 or 2 a year) so it’s not likely that I will screw the year up on checks. Resolutions are just self-defeating…just make up your mind to make changes ANY DAY, and just do it…why wait until New Years Day?? I mean, is there anything that needs to change on this day that can’t be changed any other day without the social pressure??

365 (366) days to start fresh new year…again, you can start this any day and do it for 1 year!

I don’t dislike everything related to New Year’s Eve/Day, I like that it’s another reason to get together with people you love…I like that it’s a day to eat good food…I like that it’s day off from work…I like that most places are CLOSED…mummer’s parade

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