Covid Vaccination part 4

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Jen got her second shot yesterday. I got stuck on a work call and we were running a little late. We got there about 3:07. They told us that we just made it, that they are counting people and shots that they had left.

Jen didn’t want the nurse to know her fear of needles in hopes that it would be fast and easy. She sat down and grabbed my hand, as soon as the nurse alcohol swabbed her arm, she immediately tensed everything (including her grip). I don’t think she felt the needle because the nurse said she was done and Jen said, “no you’re not”…the needle was already in the red bin.

15 minutes in the lobby…nothing really to report. We did have a couple of good laughs…but it was the end of the day and there weren’t even alot of people left in the building.

Around 8pm, Jen climbed into bed and called it a day. We set up a trash can in the bedroom (just in case), she drank lots of water and a Tylenol to be pro-active.

She woke up feeling fine. Got up and went to work…but around 10:30-11, she suddenly felt bad. She was feverish but not nausea…she took a Tylenol and a 3 hour nap and that was it. No other side effects.

We are vaccinated! Now we just have to wait the 2 weeks to be completely inoculated.

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