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Wilmington Waterfront Trail

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AKA Jack Markell Trail, it’s the Jam!

This trail has become my favorite this year. It starts at the Wilmington Waterfront and ends around Battery Park in New Castle. 15 miles plus an additional 2-3 miles that I have only explored.

Mike has also taken a liking to this trail, so he been riding it at times during the week. Kanicki has been riding just about every weekend too. Sue and Edda have also joined in on this trail. Jen was riding but got scary overheated one morning, so she decided to join us at the waterfront and hangout there until we all return. (she has been loving the waterfront as much as we’ve been enjoying the trail)

according to MapMyRide, I have rode 252 miles this year so far.

125.5 miles on the Jack Markell – Wilmington Trail

60.8 miles on the Conshohocken – Valley Forge Trail

31.85 miles on the Aston – Chester Creek Trail

8 miles at the Heinz Nature Center

and 25.94 in Misc Rides

job change…Dec 1, 2017

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After 15 years of working for Coretel, I got a call first thing on Dec 1. It was sad…Bret was in tears, but I couldn’t feel bad for him when my mind was racing with…what now? The twins lived here, Xmas is coming and who knows what the fuck UEC will give me…the last few years I was doing the circuit ordering with Verizon and ended up being pigeon holed and once the company had an embargo against they from Verizon, I was not completely surprised that I was let go. But it still hurt like a bitch!
I kept thinking that I would be included in all of the other projects but I kept getting pushed out…everything about it sucked! Just updating the resume was a pain in the ass, where do I fit? what is the perfect job? what do I want to be when I grow up…I hate job hunting!!

UEC was denied because there was a paperwork snafu on the Coretel side, it said that I never worked for Core Communications. That didn’t get straightened out until mid-January…by that time I was a little nervous about the bills, the savings disappearing, the future, so when it did go through, I had the Fed not take any taxes out, thinking it would only be a few weeks/months…I could make it up once I started working again.

I was ready to go back to an office atmosphere, a commute, long days away from home and family. But I got lucky…my mixed bag of skills got the attention of a recruiter named Leah Kelly. She specialized in placing hard to place people and finding people for hard to fill positions…

DialConnection, I can still work from home! But OMG, the first year with this company was hard…there were so many things to learn about the software/hardware/sql queries, but I have found my place and really like it most days, but there are days here and there that I think…what am I doing, I am never going to get this. And then I am told that my boss has those days too (he’s been doing this for 13 years).

There will be more posts about this new job, but still trying to get up to date…


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I love all of the seasons, but my back yard is busiest with creatures in the Spring…

So today, I look out the back window and see the biggest robin ever…which made the DJ in my head start early. I have no control of the order or what’s next, so I’m sharing the bird songs that started my day…

Rockin Robin


3 Little Birds


I’m Like a Bird

When Doves Cry

FreeBird <– not even linking this one…I’ve heard this one enough in this life time

Disco Duck

Fly Like An Eagle

Right about here I got tired of hearing about birds and just went right down the youtube rabbit hole! Just let it play the next song

first real ride of the Spring

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Edda and I hit the trail this morning. She was telling me about an upcoming ride that she is doing. Midwest, I think she said 6 days. She’ll drive to St Louis and they will shuttle her 400+ miles west, set her up with a nightly tent (for a fee) every night. I would definitely do this! I will be asking Edda for more info…

Edda also showed me that Map My Ride now has auto-pause…no more forgetting to un pause it when we stop for water breaks, potty stops or just a stop to smell the roses (the bike trails have some really beautiful views)

Anniversary GetAway day 3&4

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The plan for Sunday is to take the bikes (first ride on my new bike) to Assateaque and look for some wild ponies!

We stopped at this little surf shop for breakfast or a sandwich on the way to Assateaque Island. This place possibly had the best coffee I have ever had.

We finally made it to “relaxed” status!! We decided to drive around the park first, then park and ride the bikes. As soon as we parked, we saw a band of ponies on the dunes and that was it…we fell in love with this place. We rode around the bay side first, that’s where we saw the eagles (right over head) and cactus. I found that weird! Then we road out of the park and set out for the snack bar, which was closed but it ended up being ok, we saw a second band of ponies, they were sunning in one of the parking lots.

Monday fucking morning! 5:50AM, the fire alarm/evacuation -working from the hotel room on my laptop…wasnt ready for this

We decided to head home earlier than planned, but with the early wakeup, we knew we’d be tired early. While Jen packed us up I set of for a quick ride down the boardwalk on my bike

We decided to take a nice leisurely ride home, so we stopped in Rehoboth for a late lunch. The reason I like Rehoboth so much is because they dont fold up in the winter…some shops do, but you can always find a good place to eat. So we tried the purple parrot they had delicious food and money hanging on the walls…doesnt get much better than that!

Anniversary GetAway day 1&2

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This is our 10th Anniversary, so we decided to get away, so we both took off on Friday and Monday. Got Shirley B to dog/house-sit.

We leisurely got up and moving around on Friday morning (I needed to get up early to do “morning checks” as part of my daily work routine, that I don’t want to push onto my co-workers…it takes ~an hour and then I’m done! Lots and lots of rain…not heavy rain, just non-stop for the entire drive. We stopped in Rehoboth for lunch at the La Tonaiteca Mexican going there! We also stopped at a couple of the outlet stores on Route 1, but we didn’t hang out there too long. But Jen grabbed a really cute white flowered denim jacket…so it wasn’t a total waste of time 🙂 On top of a great lunch, the sun kinda peeked through making it a little more exciting to get away.

We arrived at the hotel and since it was raining, and a travel day, we put our feet up and relaxed!

Saturday morning, we set off down the boardwalk, we found a little place that was open for breakfast (and apparently one of the very few OPEN places), Ocean’s 13…Jen had “avocado toast”…it looked really awesome and I had “the usual” (eggs toast, potatoes and sausage)…Heading back to the hotel, we hit most of the open stores, some of them have the same feel as the Jersey boardwalk stores…t-shirts, sales, loud music that isnt too loud, just rude lyrics that doesn’t give a good feel to anyone…although, I didnt see any t-shirts that announce that I pooped today LOL…

We were also treated with watching several pods of dolphins break water heading north. We got to watch them for about 15 minutes. My camera was still in the truck, so I didn’t get any pictures…except in my own memory cache

Once we set out again, we hit the outlets and had dinner at the Outback. We both wanted something that we didn’t have access to at home, but our choices were limited because of it being the off season, we weren’t ready to leave the outlets and we were getting Hangry

The prices at the outlets..dind’t feel like we were getting any “deals”…Kmart prices are better for the same things…so we didn’t go crazy getting anything that we didn’t need. The sights made it worth it!

Appalachian Trail

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Jane came to one of our BBQ’s with Ronnie. We found out that Jane has a goal of hiking the Pennsylvania part of the Appalachian Trail this summer.  I think this is awesome…and she is looking for people to hike with her!  I would love to do some of the trails with her, but not sure if my back would…can you imagine if back went out on the trail?  helicopter, ambulance, fall off the side of a mountain??  I know…dramatic 🙂

On June 15, 2015 Jen decided to go with Ronnie and Jane to do this part of the trail Wind Gap to Katellen Trail 

Jane, Ronnie and Jen

Update on Magic

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I think were going to have to walk a little slower around the house now miss magic’s eyesight seems to be a little worse than it was before… we shall see!

The last couple days have been weird!  She was prescribed Tramadol (which she has never taken before) for the pain.  Jen gave her her morning dose, and all seemed well. You could tell she was uncomfortable, but she seemed ok…until noonish, so I wrapped up her dose in a hot dog and got it in her.  (I have no idea how she always seems to be able to eat all the hot dog, but leave the pill sitting on the floor…cheese did the trick).  She seemed to be feeling good…rubbing her head on the dog bed, messing up her hair. She slept through the afternoon, but got up and moving around right before Jen got home.  I gave her the evening dose, this one seemed to be weird…she was scratching at her face, rubbing her face on everything…she was in pretty bad shape. When Jen got home, she called the vet to see if this was normal, they told her to bring her in…

The diagnosis was what we expected, she was having an allergic reaction to the Tramadol, but they said that caused “serotonin syndrome”.  They gave her the cure for that and send us home.  (This syndrome is normal for a cat but has happened in dogs…and this pill has been known to increase appetite.)

When we got home, she was super crazy, so we fed her and gave her evening antibiotic. She ate like she was starving and I was afraid she was going to eat until she threw up, so half a hot dog, a roll and a half bowl of food was enough (she normally eats about a third of this)…but she seemed to be getting crazier, so Jen called the vet again…they said bring her right in.

Second late night trip to the vet, they don’t know if it was the allergic reaction to the tramadol or the cure…they described the allergic reaction to the cure as “frenzied”…that describes it perfectly!  They had to give her activated charcoal to counteract everything. And knowing that she can tolerate acepromazine, they gave her a shot of that and send home again…it’s now after 2am!

When we got home and let her out of the crate and she could not see and she kept trying to walk to a corner, I’d pick her up and put her on her bed and she would head right back to the corner….poor girl!  We had to crate her for the night…she barked all night (even when she was asleep…she barked)

Around 8am when I let her out of the crate, she was more like her normal self…and she could see, but she was still very drowsy.

We decided that she was not getting any other meds (except the Ace, and only if she needed it), the further along the day went, the more her normal self she became!

She is doing so much better!!