Month: September 2020

Raspberry Pi Adventures

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and SOOO, the new (possible) hobby begins…

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer. This little device was originally made to learn programming languages, but it has become something so much more than that. My understanding of this device is to make it do one thing ONLY. This is a technology that I am sure I will need, so I have decided to buy my first Pi.

I have heard of setting one up as a DNS server or a DHCP server. But I haven’t decided what my first project will be. (probably a port knocker)…I have done some searches and have found some really strange things…a CD drive that is now set up for seeping Tea and removing the bag when done, pictured below. This just cracks me up!! Finally a way to use old PC parts that are technologically obsolete!

I have also seen where it’s used in place of a firestick or Roku device on your tv…or an email display…wifi security camera…jukebox…the possibilities are endless. There’s even a project that’s looking for financing to make a Pi-top, 3D printed, pi controlled laptop.

I have very little time to play, so I decided that I would start with the basics, so I bought a “desktop kit”. I have hooked it up to a small tv and ran updates and played a little, but now I need to read the book…get a feel for things.

Stay tuned for my next Raspberry Pi update.

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