Month: December 2020

TV Wall Mount

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Last week I decided that I wanted to open up our living room space a little more. I ordered a TV Wall Mount bracket, a floating shelf, a cable management kit and a “universal” sound bar bracket.

The only issue that I had was the sound bar bracket wasnt REALLY universal, none of the screw holes lined up with the Bose, so I set it as a shelf bracket and wrapped velcro around it to hold it in place.

The reason I didn’t find a more universal bracket was because it was connected between the TV and the wall mount bracket and I had already taken the table mounts off and locked into the idea of being “done”. Besides that fact that I would have had to start all over again because everything (Fios box, Wii & hard drive and the DVD Player) that were all on the new shelf. I have left it that way because NO ONE will ever notice…

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Bathroom Faucet

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I installed a new faucet back in 2014, but over time (6 years), some calcium burns and rusting around the base has occurred. This is a Pfister faucet and has a LifeTime Warranty just for this kind of thing, so I gave them a call and they opened a ticket and I uploaded a couple pictures so they could see all of it.

I really expected that this would be a pain in the ass, but after they saw the pictures, they immediately sent me a replacement…brand stinking new! (same exact one). That was in November…I was hesitant on installing it…plumbing is NEVER easy mostly because something will leak, something doesnt fit…and do I want this same one that may do the same thing.

In the beginning of December, I found a new faucet that I liked, so I went ahead and purchased it…and put the other NEW one up on Facebook Marketplace!


The only issue I had with this was the tailpipe was too short for the new trap kit…yep, new trap because every time you do plumbing, you should do new plumbing…otherwise…you WILL get at least one leak! Only 1 trip to HomeDepot!

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Raspberry Pi start

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After reading the Raspberry Pi for beginners book, I decided to buy a Sense Hat, who comes up with these names? I guess it makes sense because it’s a small board that goes on top of the main board…and it can be added on and changed out.

The Sense Hat that I decided on has an 8×8 LED matrix, that can be programmed to be a LED digital clock or this Hat is capable of being programmed as a weather station. Using these tools to predict weather; Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyroscope, Humidity, Magnetometer and Temperature

I found this really cool case…now, to just find the time to dig in!

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