Screened In Porch – steps complete

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I completed the steps on Saturday, but had to pull up one of the boards, shift it a hair and then put it back in place.  I also had to finish screwing in the board I replaced on the porch…so now it’s COMPLETE!

I also replaced one of the boards that ended up being part of the top step.

There are still a couple boards I want to replace, but I am thinking more about the railing now.  Strange how once you start improving things, the things that weren’t so bad, now seem to be worst…

There is one more thing that we want completed this year and then we will wait until next year (or the year after) to screen it in….the siding on the front A-Frame!  That will pretty much make it look complete from the front…Tyvek paper makes it look incomplete!

I watched a bunch of videos on siding, and if I had the patience for trying to figure out the angles, I know I could do it.  I just imagine me measuring, cutting, up and down the ladder a million times…total frustration!

Jen and I have been spending more time out on the front porch, there always seems to be a breeze and the porch now provides shade…it feels like summer at the beach now!

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