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Yard Work Tools – LawnMower

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This has been a terrible spring for my lawn equipment!  I got the lawn mower out of the shed, after a few pulls, it started right up.  I did the back yard with no problem.  I move to the front yard…1 length of the yard and it dies…wtf!!  I can start it, but it immediately stalls…there is no way to get the yard cut like this!!  With all this frustration, I reach out to my friend who says, bring it over, I’ll have the hubby take a look at it.

I throw it in the car and head out…Chuck takes a look at it, ties back the safety, wiggles some magic cable and poof…it’s all good!  Back into the car (after a couple lifesaving beers) I head back home, pull it out of the car, starts up just fine, one square around the yard…stalls again…I hate lawn equipment!  At this point, I am thinking about hiring a lawn service and not fixing or replacing anything.

Chuck diagnoses, bad carburetor…if I can get a replacement part, it may cost me almost as much as a new mower!!  Did I mention, I hate lawn equipment??

Home Depot – Weed Wacker Repair/Replace

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Home Depot called about the WeedWacker, this asshole actually said to me, “I dont want to call you an idiot or anything, but you have to charge the battery”, I told him I charged the battery twice and it still died after 5 minutes of runtime.  He said he would zip tie it and call me back.  Maybe 3-4 minutes later, he calls back and says, it’s smoking from both ends.  He asked if I had the receipt (who keeps everything??  of course I have the receipt)…back to home depot I go…

I walk in, wait, wait, wait…then 100 year old man comes in and says he’ll take care of me…he had trouble finding if it were under warranty because he didn’t know if it was motor or battery related (both of these would still be under warranty and once I told him that, he hung up the phone with Ryobi)..he rung me up for $18.95 for diagnostic…I was so fed up and wanting to get out of there, I was willing to pay.  Well, the dumbass had problems the computer and had to call in Laura, the manager…I could tell that she has dealt with 100 year old man before so she fixed me up, then said, what was the $18.95 for?  So I told her and she said that she will get me my money back, as well as a new weedwacker or my money back.  10 minutes later, I have a store credit for the weedwacker and the $18.95 returned to my card.  If it were not for Laura stepping in, I may have never returned to another Home Depot again…and I would have voiced that everywhere!  between the weedwacker and the bathroom sink…

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Yard Work Tools – Weedwacker

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At the end of last summer, I got fed up with my gas weed wacker not starting and getting blisters trying to start it.  So I decided to go with a cordless weedwacker.  I had heard good things about the WORX brand, but found out that Home Depot didnt carry the brand anymore, so I went with the Ryobi, and considering that I have additional batteries, it made sense to buy it.

That was end of Sept 2013, I used it 1, maybe 2 times, and liked it. I was sold and happy with my purchase….until 10 minutes into the first use of this Spring…it died, just stopped working, so I brought the battery in, put it on the charger, and hour later, fully charged, I went back out to finish the back yard…20 feet later, it died again.

I called Ryobi, they told me to take it down to the “tool rental” dept at Home Depot…at this point, I think they’ll figure out what’s wrong with it and fix/replace whatever the issue is…what happens with this is why I started this blog…un-fucking believable!

The 100 year old man that is working the shop didnt really like his job, that’s all I can figure…hates the technology, hates that everything is new-fangled and battery operated, hates that a woman walked into his man-shop…

Wanted me to sign a “pre-authorization” for $100 of work…what?? no fucking way did I sign that…1) warranty 2) I only paid $100ish for it 3) I’ve only used this thing maybe 3 times

they wont even look at it until Tuesday

needless to say, I left there feeling a little postal!

time to go home and during my next work break…get the lawnmower out….

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Yard Work Tools – Pressure Washer

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I really need to pressure wash the front porch, back deck and the shed this year. I will also need to de-clutter the shed enough to get the washer out.

Got gas, got deck wash, got a deck brush…let’s get started.

The pressure washer doesn’t seem happy…oil leaking, rough running, less pressure than normal.

Front porch is looking better…on to the back deck.

DEAD…the pressure washer started spewing gas and oil out of every opening…carburetor, muffler, bottom….stalled, caput, dead!

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the roof…day 2

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The guys started early today!

There were a couple repairs to do.  On the front near the chimney, part of the plywood needed to be replaced and in the back, where the “addition” meets the house, there was no support, nothing connecting the roof to the house.

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roofing started

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Yesterday, Kevin got the permit for the roof and the screened in porch…today, they started

I found out that it’s 3 shingles deep!  The original color was green.

They pulled the gutters I plan on going out there and cleaning them…so much easier when they are on the ground.

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Change of plan…

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Scott came over this morning to discuss the “bay window” replacement, fixing up the porch, replacing the front steps and adding railings.  We ended up going in a completely different direction and I am getting excited about the whole thing.

Instead of the bay window being replaced, we are talking about doing a screened in porch.  Of course, this means putting off doing the roof for a few weeks (or so), but that’s ok.

Kevin is going to go down to the twp building with me in the morning to apply for the permits needed.  I may need to draw up some sort of plan and get these guys out here to mark the utilities

Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.
811 or 1-800-242-1776

I need to get the pressure washer out of the shed and see if it still runs because I will still need to clean up the wood deck and stain it (there are a 2″x6″ that need replacing too…)

how the weekend list went

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took Friday off (5 Year Anniversary)…3 day weekend! Jen and I went to ‘The Container Store’ in King of Prussia on our way to Peddler’s Village and New Hope.  It was a rainy and a little cold, but it was really nice not having to deal with the crazy crowds.  Nothing like being in one of those stores when it’s a humid 110* day with 50 other people that want to look at exactly what you want to look at…claustrophobia much??

Saturday, got rid of the fucking monkey balls!  I was told to use a snow shovel, and that made a hell of a difference!!  probably 15-20 wheelbarrows full, so much easier… Thanks Ronnie!

all the pine needles from the back yard are gone, now I just need to finish up behind the shed (that’s where I dumped them from the back yard last fall)

fixed the sump pump drain pipe…it was really just reconnecting the pipes that move the water to the end of the yard…the puddle in the middle of the yard was making a hole under the fence

cleaned off the front porch (this wasn’t a big job, but made a hell of a difference)

Sunday, in the chiminea, burnt all the pine from the basement wainscoting that I cut down to manageable size pieces  <– tough job, sitting by a fire on a nice day (with a chill in the air)

Tomorrow, meeting with Scott in the morning…what to do about the front porch, bay window