Month: August 2012

Getting it out of here!

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Last weekend, I linked my cousin’s site, Boyle Disposal to remove all of the construction bags, panels, wood, etc, well, he flaked out on me, told me to call him on Saturday morning and he’d come over…turned off his phone…later told me that he had a “real paying job”…btw, at NO point did I ask him for anything free or even a family discount, I just wanted to give him the business.

I called Kevin Anthony Tree Service asked him if I could use one of his trucks, he dropped off the keys at my house and told me to go pick it up.  That was an interesting trip, Jen drove me down to the Upland Yard and followed me home.  I took the long way because it literally was the biggest automobile I have ever driven, got it home, backed it up to the deck and started loading it (also tossed the old picnic table in there and a few other things from behind the shed)…I planned on taking my time filling it, little here, little there, but I just kept going (taking small breaks)…I could have gotten a few more things in there if I could have thrown things over the top, but there were only a couple bags left.  Tuesday morning, Kevin and his guys picked up the truck to take it to the dump.  I would have done this step, but since this was new to me and there was a dump lift on the truck that I had never used, I didnt want to break anything…THANK YOU KEVIN!

Day 3 – Reconstruction

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I took yesterday off of any work in the kitchen project, mostly because I needed to dig into a project at work that I should get done before going on vacation.

Today, we picked up our house guest, Ada, Jen’s friend from Boston (jr high) at the Amtrak Station…I am always surprised at how beautiful that building is!  We plan on having lots of fun with her in the next week

Scott was here working on rebuilding the header (it was dangerously rigged by the previous contractor/owner)…unfortunately I don’t have any during pictures, but I will post at least one after picture later

tomorrow morning, Ward is coming over to haul away everything that is construction trash!!  If I find the energy, there are a few things in the attic and basement that I want to add to the pile…

friend visiting, day trips, scott has another project for the week, all of these things probably mean very little construction over the next week, but that’s ok with me.

Maybe, just maybe, we will do some shopping over the next week…electric wire, light fixtures, flooring, cabinets, etc

I’ll keep ya up to date….

Day 2 – Reconstruction

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Today has been somewhat of a logistics day, as well as Coretel day (have to finish up what I didn’t get done yesterday).

called Ward Boyle of Boyle Disposal to arrange a pick-up of all of the deconstruction bags, panels, wood…waiting for Ward to get back with me on the pickup date. (hopefully on saturday morning so that I can get the remaining walls down and out)

also having RTS Landscaping come in and cut the grass (might have them cut the grass for the rest of this season).  As much as I normally enjoy cutting the grass, I would rather concentrate my efforts in the next step of the Kitchen Project.

Scott is coming by today to work on the “stump replacement”, even though we need that area so that we can go down the basement stairs from the outside, we are making it less intrusive and we’ll be able to make it look like it’s part of the cabinets!

Day 1 – Construction

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There are 2 major construction issues that we are having fixed. (that we know of now anyway)

1) leveling the floor of the “addition”

2) replacing the header over the doorway and making the opening another foot or so wider.

Scott will be working on the floor leveling today, I will help as much as I can, so that might put a damper on my remaining deconstruction, but it’s all good, because it’s going to be done right and look good when it’s all done.

by the way, did I mention that we are having a house guest next week for 10 days??

Day 5 and 6 -Deconstruction

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Yesterday was more of an ‘at work’ day…I kicked some ass on my list of things to do.  Scott brought the wood needed to level the floor and while he was here he introduced me to a couple new tools that I have never used before…my only question IS, why have I never used these tools before??

1st) ‘panel carrier’, now if you have ever tried to carry/move an 8’x4′ piece of wood or drywall, you need to have one of these.  This thing is made to make it easier for 1 person to carry an 8’x4′

2nd) Cat’s Claw is now my preferred tool to the crowbar.  This thing goes deep into wood, paneling, drywall, etc

Last night I spent an hour or so using this tool to removed deeply embedded nails in this 3/4″ wallboard (this is the stuff that used to be on the outside wall, underneath the siding)

Got and early start today…nails, nails , nails…

I have the kitchen ‘addition’ 99% gutted, cleanup and then onto the remaining drywall.

There is very little left to demo…maybe one more day and lots of trash bags later…