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Covid Vaccination part 3

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My turn again…

Crozer was a little busier today since they opened up the next category, which I believe is anyone between 16-64. There was a line from the valet desk all the way to the front lobby. One of the nurses later told me that the goal was to get 1000 people their first shots a day. After standing in that line for about 20 minutes, a guard walked through the hall asking for anyone there that was getting their second shot. I lucked out on that one.

It was really crazy…and confusing. There were alot of people working very hard and everyone was mostly patient and relaxed…but still another stupid thing happened. Crozer was handing out rubber wristbands that said Crozer Covid – 19 Fighter…in a plastic bowl that moved from one person to another like a collection plate…wtf were they thinking? I let the bowl bypass me. We were all there to get shots to protect us from a very contagious virus, and the bowl went down the line of people that have NOT gotten their first shot yet…am I the only one that sees this??

I got the shot around 10:30 and did my obligatory sit in the lobby for 15 I was leaving, I saw the 2 people in line with me…they were coming around the corner to the lobby…so I guess I saved about 20-25 minutes by being pulled from that line.

Driving home…I felt warmth from my elbow up to my shoulder. Warm to the touch…it was a weird sensation. Nothing else.

About 8:30 pm my arm started feeling sore where I got the shot and there is some pain lifting my arm, but it doesnt feel like joint pain…I may just take a Tylenol just to be safe.

I am more worried about everyone else’s reports of fever, chills and other yucky symptoms…I am even a little paranoid…

24 hours(ish) later…I had a restless night and ended up wide awake at 5am. Feeling just fine…I won’t count my chickens though…maybe tomorrow morning.

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Covid Vaccination part 2

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Jen’s turn…

Jen had already decided that she was going to do it…even with the fear. She has a super fear of needles so I went with her hoping to keep her calm. And since I was there a week before, I was hoping to walk her through the process as fast as possible and get out of there.

Jen got the paperwork filled out and 2nd shot scheduled, which meant, time to get in line to get the shot. We had to walk down this ominous hallway that reminded Jen of every horror flick she had ever seen. By time the nurse was ready to give her the shot, she was very nervous! She did it fast and it was over quick. Now, we have to wait 15 minutes before heading out…just to be sure there are no reactions.

We’re sitting there and just kinda watching everyone fill out their paperwork, moving from one line to another and Jen says quietly. I hope that was the right thing to do. At that exact moment, someone had knocked over the bucket of “sanitized pens” that was sitting on the table. It was about the size of the picture of the bucket below (without the cute confetti) with pens instead of pencils.

I watched this guy do the right thing, he lifted the bucket up grabbing all of the pens to stand it back up. I laughed out loud and said to Jen…there’s your sign that you are doing the right thing. He didnt even realize that he touched every pen…and went to his next line.

24 hours later, Jen seemed to be fine, no reaction but 36 hours(ish) after the vaccine she got a pretty bad headache and either that caused some vomiting or the vaccine. We are pretty sure it was vaccine related because she immediately felt better…stay tuned for Jen’s part 2..April 22nd

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Covid Vaccination part 1

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I did it…I finally got my first shot…Pfizer. The shot itself was painless, but everything else about it was painful.

From the proper place to put yourself on a waiting list, up until I sat in the chair to get the shot!

I knew I was 1a, but I figured it wouldn’t take long to get through the list, so I was patient…and it’s not like I don’t work from home, or I am around a bunch of people. But my patience started to wear thin when weeks past and PA (especially Delco) couldn’t get more than 100 shots per pharmacy. The philly distribution clusterfuck kinda set the tone for the entire state, because even after FEMA stepped in, it really didn’t get much better.

At that point, I started signing us up for every place that had a ‘waiting list’…weeks were passing and nothing! I even had a friend try to get us in, in Delaware (I believe they are starting on 1b)…finally someone posted a link on a Facebook page to sign up at Crozer, that they had open appointments for 1a for April…I went to the page and there were appointments for this month…so I was able to get one for 4 days away…I really thought it was going to be the end of April…so setting up the appointment was fairly painless.

I scheduled the time off from work to get it done and gave myself a few extra minutes because who knows what the parking will be. AND it’s a good thing I did. The directions that came with the appointment said ‘vaccines area is located off the Main Lobby’ and that was pretty much it.

Once I got there, there were VACCINE signs pointing to the lobby, so I decided to park in the garage and walked to the front door…outside, because I really didn’t want to be in the building until I had to be…I get to the door and it’s locked someone said, you cant get in there…you have to go in through the parking garage…so now I am out of breath (wearing my mask) and a little pissed off. I go all the way back to the door I came out of and went through the building to the Main Lobby. I checked in and at that point I filled in a form and signed up for my second shot, they said go around the corner to the first door on the left. That was the easiest part of this sub-process!

I go around the corner and there are people sitting all over the hall, I was thinking this was the line, but everyone said they were done and waiting their 15 minutes to leave. So I walk in the door and there are X’s every 6’…but the problem is, there is no way to get to the next X without walking between everyone…at that point, the volunteer asks me (and the people behind me to go in the other room and get in that line…a nurse starts arguing with her…to the point where security gets involved. I am like…just tell me what line to get in so I can wait from there…because I was not feeling safe where I was standing.

All they needed to do was shut the door and have the check in people have them go in the door directly behind them…at least until they figured it out. Why was it, that they were doing this daily and it is NOW an issue?? The security guard was butt hurt and walked away, the nurse started belittling the volunteer and I was like…I’m just going to “THIS LINE” and stepped on the next X…everyone else behind me did the same thing.

At that point, I could see the light.. I was 3rd in line with 2 people administering shots…I moved up the next X…so close..finally, my turn. The nurse tells me that I can sit down, but she is waiting for more shots. I was grateful that it didn’t take long 🙂

I did not feel the shot…I thought she was trying to distract me from getting the actual shot. She told me to drink lots of water (which I do anyway) and go have a seat. I sat in the lobby for my 15 minutes with no side effects or issues.

I did have a headache last night, but I had actually woken up with it…so I honestly don’t know if it was the lingering headache or a Pfizer headache…

24 hours later, I still have a slight headache…I don’t think it’s related to the vaccine, but no other complaints….stay tuned for my part 2..April 15th

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Raspberry Pi start

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After reading the Raspberry Pi for beginners book, I decided to buy a Sense Hat, who comes up with these names? I guess it makes sense because it’s a small board that goes on top of the main board…and it can be added on and changed out.

The Sense Hat that I decided on has an 8×8 LED matrix, that can be programmed to be a LED digital clock or this Hat is capable of being programmed as a weather station. Using these tools to predict weather; Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyroscope, Humidity, Magnetometer and Temperature

I found this really cool case…now, to just find the time to dig in!

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Another Perfect Storm

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I have been working alot more hours during the pandemic. My guess is anyone in IT, no matter what branch of it they’re in, they are working more. We are doing software upgrades for our customers…one a week, but it takes all of us and it takes a week to prepare. (on top of the “normal” ToDo list and fires to put out). The upgrades are normally happening on Thursday Nights

Last week, we did the update on Tuesday Night instead of Thursday, so there was a bit of a rush on this one and a little bit more intense for me…or should I say different, only because I was working on the last 15+ updates with 1 person and then this night he was unavailable, so there was a switch off…Not a big deal, just different! Wednesday was full of meetings and calls one after another…and I was already dragging…I decided to enjoy an adult beverage or two

So THURSDAY, dragging, tired and in my early morning fuzz, started my routine. went to the ladies room, as I was flushing the toilet I picked up toothbrush and it caught on the holder…as I watched the damn thing fall right into the toilet…1st thought, it’s ok, I have a new toothbrush in the cabinet, second thought was it’s gone…the toilet flush was in it’s last gulp….GONE!

We have a second toilet down stairs, so we started using that…hoping to make it through to the weekend. On Friday, I called AQUA Ins, who we have a policy with on plumbing and sewer pipes…they tell me that dropping a toothbrush in there is NOT covered…WTF??

call a plumber? call scott? or fix it myself?

After my bike ride, I stopped at homedepot and bought a heavy duty plunger, a toilet auger and a wax ring, thinking I would try the first 2 things and then decided who I was calling on Monday morning.

I tried the plunger…then I tried the wet vac…then the auger UNSUCCESSFULLY! since there wasn’t any water in it, I decided to just remove the toilet and auger it from the bottom…after 30 minutes of seeing the auger at the other end with NO toothbrush, I started to think…it may be time to buy a new toilet or call Scott or a plumber. I put the toilet in the bathtub and started running water though it from both ends…still no FUCKING toothbrush! Auger, water, shake, Auger, water, shake! I left the auger in the toilet, totally defeated.

I start watching YouTube videos and no one came up with anything I haven’t already tried…now my back hurts and I feel like I have been working out. I pulled the auger out and down drops the toothbrush!

I need a day off!

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Raspberry Pi Adventures

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and SOOO, the new (possible) hobby begins…

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer. This little device was originally made to learn programming languages, but it has become something so much more than that. My understanding of this device is to make it do one thing ONLY. This is a technology that I am sure I will need, so I have decided to buy my first Pi.

I have heard of setting one up as a DNS server or a DHCP server. But I haven’t decided what my first project will be. (probably a port knocker)…I have done some searches and have found some really strange things…a CD drive that is now set up for seeping Tea and removing the bag when done, pictured below. This just cracks me up!! Finally a way to use old PC parts that are technologically obsolete!

I have also seen where it’s used in place of a firestick or Roku device on your tv…or an email display…wifi security camera…jukebox…the possibilities are endless. There’s even a project that’s looking for financing to make a Pi-top, 3D printed, pi controlled laptop.

I have very little time to play, so I decided that I would start with the basics, so I bought a “desktop kit”. I have hooked it up to a small tv and ran updates and played a little, but now I need to read the book…get a feel for things.

Stay tuned for my next Raspberry Pi update.

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Fridge Door Thunking

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When we closed the fridge door, it made this sound like it was going to fall off. After a few times, I called Scott and asked him what I could do to fix it. This was right at the beginning of Covid-19 self-isolating. Scott said that he would come over if really necessary, but he said the door will not fall off, it just sounds that way.

After a couple days of this…I decided to buy a $50 hinge kit and replace it myself…this kit comes with about 10 pieces but the pictures below shows that one of the hinges is bent.

Fortunately, the bent hinge was for the freezer, so the plan was just to replace the fridge door hinge (not the recommended both at once from Frigidaire).

The more I looked at the process of changing this out, the more I thought, maybe I better wait until 1) less food in the fridge and 2) quarantine is over, just in case it doesn’t go well.

So, for about a week, closing the fridge door would go thunk, Jen would let out a scream and then Dizzy would scream or Rogue would scatter (Raz didn’t give a shit)…once we were ok with and ready for the thunk, it stopped. No changes, no rebuilding, nothin…just stopped. I sent back the hinges, bent one and all…

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still working on the Bike shed

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I built the back, both sides and the doors on the front porch, but the nice days between the April showers has made this a month long project.

April 12

April 19

April 25

So far the issues that I have had are the doors. The instructions want a couple bars added for support but they are too long…so I had to make an adjustment…I just hope the one door isn’t bent so far out of shape that the doors don’t close. I also found the cheap ass rivet gun that it came with is not working very well and frustrating the shit out of me so ordered one from amazon so that I can really sturdy it up before I anchor it to the big girl shed.

And, of course it rained today…so it will need to wait until next be continued.

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Bike storage

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The big project over the last year has been the front porch. We screened it in, painted, and added a fire table. It really feels like we are down the beach when chilling out there…minus the bugs!

I have found that when we want to bring the bikes in from the rack on my truck (usually when it’s going to rain)…I bring them up on the porch…even though you can see through them, they are in the way! So I decided that I wanted a “bike storage shed” for my birthday. Jen said, send me the link…

Initially, we picked out a slide-roof storage shed and ordered it from Amazon. Well, then the Covid-19 Stay At Home order came in and Amazon stopped my delivery at one of the last stops (my guess is it got destroyed by a fork lift or a pissed employee who felt my shed was non-essential…not knowing I ordered it before).

After that, I decided to get what I wanted from Ace Hardware in Aston/Media. I love these owned and willing to match anything that I can find cheaper on Amazon. (I bought myself a new Weber Grill from the them a few months ago…I will post all of that info too..)

This is what it supposed to look like…we shall see!

They delivered it yesterday! I unboxed it and brought it up on the porch so that I can build the walls and get it ready to put it in it’s forever home…pictures to come later.

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