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Raspberry Pi Adventures

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and SOOO, the new (possible) hobby begins…

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer. This little device was originally made to learn programming languages, but it has become something so much more than that. My understanding of this device is to make it do one thing ONLY. This is a technology that I am sure I will need, so I have decided to buy my first Pi.

I have heard of setting one up as a DNS server or a DHCP server. But I haven’t decided what my first project will be. (probably a port knocker)…I have done some searches and have found some really strange things…a CD drive that is now set up for seeping Tea and removing the bag when done, pictured below. This just cracks me up!! Finally a way to use old PC parts that are technologically obsolete!

I have also seen where it’s used in place of a firestick or Roku device on your tv…or an email display…wifi security camera…jukebox…the possibilities are endless. There’s even a project that’s looking for financing to make a Pi-top, 3D printed, pi controlled laptop.

I have very little time to play, so I decided that I would start with the basics, so I bought a “desktop kit”. I have hooked it up to a small tv and ran updates and played a little, but now I need to read the book…get a feel for things.

Stay tuned for my next Raspberry Pi update.

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Fridge Door Thunking

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When we closed the fridge door, it made this sound like it was going to fall off. After a few times, I called Scott and asked him what I could do to fix it. This was right at the beginning of Covid-19 self-isolating. Scott said that he would come over if really necessary, but he said the door will not fall off, it just sounds that way.

After a couple days of this…I decided to buy a $50 hinge kit and replace it myself…this kit comes with about 10 pieces but the pictures below shows that one of the hinges is bent.

Fortunately, the bent hinge was for the freezer, so the plan was just to replace the fridge door hinge (not the recommended both at once from Frigidaire).

The more I looked at the process of changing this out, the more I thought, maybe I better wait until 1) less food in the fridge and 2) quarantine is over, just in case it doesn’t go well.

So, for about a week, closing the fridge door would go thunk, Jen would let out a scream and then Dizzy would scream or Rogue would scatter (Raz didn’t give a shit)…once we were ok with and ready for the thunk, it stopped. No changes, no rebuilding, nothin…just stopped. I sent back the hinges, bent one and all…

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still working on the Bike shed

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I built the back, both sides and the doors on the front porch, but the nice days between the April showers has made this a month long project.

April 12

April 19

April 25

So far the issues that I have had are the doors. The instructions want a couple bars added for support but they are too long…so I had to make an adjustment…I just hope the one door isn’t bent so far out of shape that the doors don’t close. I also found the cheap ass rivet gun that it came with is not working very well and frustrating the shit out of me so ordered one from amazon so that I can really sturdy it up before I anchor it to the big girl shed.

And, of course it rained today…so it will need to wait until next be continued.

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Bike storage

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The big project over the last year has been the front porch. We screened it in, painted, and added a fire table. It really feels like we are down the beach when chilling out there…minus the bugs!

I have found that when we want to bring the bikes in from the rack on my truck (usually when it’s going to rain)…I bring them up on the porch…even though you can see through them, they are in the way! So I decided that I wanted a “bike storage shed” for my birthday. Jen said, send me the link…

Initially, we picked out a slide-roof storage shed and ordered it from Amazon. Well, then the Covid-19 Stay At Home order came in and Amazon stopped my delivery at one of the last stops (my guess is it got destroyed by a fork lift or a pissed employee who felt my shed was non-essential…not knowing I ordered it before).

After that, I decided to get what I wanted from Ace Hardware in Aston/Media. I love these owned and willing to match anything that I can find cheaper on Amazon. (I bought myself a new Weber Grill from the them a few months ago…I will post all of that info too..)

This is what it supposed to look like…we shall see!

They delivered it yesterday! I unboxed it and brought it up on the porch so that I can build the walls and get it ready to put it in it’s forever home…pictures to come later.

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My server crashed and burned!

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So I decided to backup and move my blog again! This time it was alot easier, I didn’t need to pull the content from a database one line at a time and then hope I got all of the right pictures in the right places. So if they are screwed up, it’s because my second rebuild was wrong and I haven’t been back through each post.

This one is on a hosted server and should be damn stable for at least the next 2 years! is now in use too because we wanted to have something up just in case we decide to sell any of the embroidery creations. If you feel like it, take a look, Jen has done a really good job with it!

I also started blogging on for some things that are not related to changes at our house. Random Thoughts!

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Spring 2020

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I normally look forward to each season, but this winter has sucked!! It’s the end of February and nothing other than a couple snow flurries here and there…it has been 60* on some days and 12* on others. So come on SPRING! I see the bright big ball of light and all I want to do is clean up the yard, be outside…and ride my bike! There’s not enough daylight at the end of the work day to do any of these things!

I can’t even put grass seed down because it’s not the right season…

It’s a good thing we started putting out bird seed, this is a nice break

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January 1, 2020

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Today is Jan 1…just like yesterday but the year changed. Well, I guess the decade changed too…I was awake until a little after midnight…mostly because of all of the fireworks…but this may have been the first year in a decade I was not already asleep.

The only thing consistent about the New Year has always been, I am sick, getting sick or just feel like shit for a couple days.

I no longer write checks (maybe 1 or 2 a year) so it’s not likely that I will screw the year up on checks. Resolutions are just self-defeating…just make up your mind to make changes ANY DAY, and just do it…why wait until New Years Day?? I mean, is there anything that needs to change on this day that can’t be changed any other day without the social pressure??

365 (366) days to start fresh new year…again, you can start this any day and do it for 1 year!

I don’t dislike everything related to New Year’s Eve/Day, I like that it’s another reason to get together with people you love…I like that it’s a day to eat good food…I like that it’s day off from work…I like that most places are CLOSED…mummer’s parade

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mother’s tree

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There have been a lull in my postings over the years. The biggest one was right after the front porch was ‘covered’ but before it was ‘finished’ and screened in. Part of that was because of all of the things that I needed to deal with my mom’s passing and everything that lead up to it…so I may not have added this tid-bit! I may have to go back and see, but I don’t remember making this public.

My mother passed away on April 13, 2016 from Melanoma. We were all there when she left this world…it’s been 3+ years and it still feels like it was yesterday and I miss her like crazy! But anyway…mother’s tree!

The first Mother’s Day after her passing…I barely remember, but 1 year later on Mother’s Day 2017, I really wanted to do something with some of her ashes and our front yard needed a tree where one of the Holly Trees was when I bought the house. So Jen and I set out to find a maple tree that was perfect and we ended up driving all over the county looking for that tree…Baltimore Pike Hillside Nursery, then to Mostardis and then eventually Wedgewood Gardens, where we found our Thunder Cloud Plum Tree.

Over the years, I had planted a couple maple trees, the first one was probably too small when I planted it and the second one, well, turns out I over-fertilized it. So I wasn’t sure anything would take there!

I mixed some of mom’s ashes in the dirt hoping that would help it take…and it makes it literally Mother’s Tree!

This past spring it gave us fruit…well, 1 cherry sized plum. We were told that this tree would only flower and not produce fruit.

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Not sure what brought this on…

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WARNING: this post is very personal!

It could have been the conversation I was having with Mario yesterday about the court systems making weird decisions about custody agreements and who has to pay how much to care for those kids…or was it going through Tommy’s DVD collection and remembering a couple conversations I had with Judy (that had nothing to do with these thoughts…just a trigger)

I have heard my step-mother say MORE than once….he was raised by wolves. My father is an emotional degenerate because my grandparents were “wolves”…ok, I get he didnt have the best upbringing (heh, the irony)…but tell me that I need to grow up and be a responsible adult. Guess what…I have done that, and that makes me the black sheep! At around 20 years old, I stopped getting into trouble, I worked full time and pretty much paid my own way. So if I take responsibility for my own actions at 20, what is your excuse? You left home at 17, went in the army…but have NEVER taken responsibility for your own actions. You are now in your 70’s and you blame me for our ‘estranged’ relationship. I have tried over the years to get closer to you (and I DO have some great memories from those times)…but over the years, I am the only one in this relationship that has tried to reach out, do some things that we have in common. But it seems that since my mother has passed away, you are even more distant…and you haven’t been with her in almost a half century.

You always made me feel like it was a “package deal”…if you weren’t her husband, then you weren’t our father. and then it was “you kids”, we were never individuals…

I was actually in my late 20’s when I realized that my actions are my own. I started waking up happy and not angry. I started doing things to really improve my life…and those decisions were mine…every day! So wolves…just an excuse for bad behavior!

I let go of trying to have a relationship with you! I do not hate you, I’m not even angry, I just don’t want to put any energy into feeling anything good or bad.

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