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New Deck…May 22, 2006

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This was a fun project…when I stepped out the back door with Holly, the old rotted 2″ x 4″ broke right down the middle…so instead of replacing the ‘deck’ that was there before, we decided to go for a deck we would really use…and an extension to put the grill (under the soffit).

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Sewage…July 2, 2005

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The bathtub refused to drain…so we had to get a plumber with a camera…turned out the terracotta was crumbling about 2 feet away from the house.

We had signed up for a supplemental insurance policy, but there was about 5 more days until it was ‘active’…so we abandoned ship…kinda

While this was being worked on, we packed up the dogs and headed over to stay with Aunt San’s and then I would come back home during the day and work from home and then head back over (didn’t want to overwhelm aunt san too much)…Jen spent a couple days with the parents in State College while this work was being done…

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planning a vacation in Sept

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Rent an RV? rent a cabin? We’re thinking Poconos…

We’re taking a week off in September and the discussions have started. Whatever we decide, it will include taking the dogs with us. I did like taking them to Wildwood a few years back and on the trip to Yorktown.

What I don’t like is housekeeping/maintenance coming into the room…

I’ll let you know what we decide!