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Screened In Porch – Footers

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After much harassment, Kevin decides to have his guys come over and do the footers. His intentions are to get the footers in place and then let them cure and sit for a few days and doing the framing in one day next weekend. (He will have his guy come during the week to pull any facing off the front so that they can connect the new roof deck to the house)

Joe and Chainsaw are dropped off to dig the holes and John will bring the molds and cement by later (the molds have another construction name for them, but damned if I can think of it right this second).  They thought they were going to have to cut the step and/or the walkway, but they only had to pull up the pre-cast cement step.

They finished the digging alot faster than I though they would (about an hour and a half), so while waiting for John, I ordered a pizza.  That’s always fun because the conversations are always interesting.  I thought they gave the nickname to chainsaw because he was bad with a chainsaw or something, but it turns out his name is Tenesal (or something like that, he is from Guatemala)…all the guys think that he doesn’t understand English, he may not be fluent, but he understands just fine.  Joe asked him loudly if he wanted American Pizza, and chainsaw just looked at him, but busted up laughing when I said “he speaks Spanish, he’s not deaf, dumbass!”  He understands just fine!  hee hee!

Chainsaw took a nap in the shade, Joe on the hammock, while I continue about my to do list…Joe will be here in 20 minutes (my ass!)…

It took about 3 hours for him to get here…and to top it off, the 12′ foot tube was either forgotten (possibly the supply warehouse) or flew out of the back of the truck…so off John goes to get replacements.  Once he got back, it took about 20 minutes to cut the tubes to 36″, pour the cement mix in, wet it and mixed it.

3 of these!

Preparing for the first BBQ of 2014

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This is definitely an ongoing list that I have been working on over the last few weeks.  Besides having to replace all of my lawn care equipment, I have been ripping out tree trunks, their roots and cutting back the bamboo that separates the creek from the yard. (the bamboo would take over the whole yard if I let it)  Cleaned out the shed! And even did a work road trip in the middle of everything.

Kevin’s guys are here today to dig the footers for the screened in porch, so my to do list has changed 5 times (so far).  I wanted to use the new pressure washer to finish up the back deck, but I don’t think there will be enough time between now and next Sunday to get everything done.  I think I will put that at the bottom of the list.

-put the new (bought on sale at the end of last season) deck umbrella up
-level the AC unit (mental note, call Scott about the HVAC blower – it doesnt turn off on it’s own)
-weed the horseshoe pits, add more sand
-rake the pine needles from around the shed and back yard
-gather some stuff for making a fire in the chiminea, just in case we want a fire
-clean and oil the grill (not that it’s really dirty, I use it all year round)
-clean off the back deck, including the coolers that we’ll need for the BBQ
-yard guard – hate bugs and mosquitos
-get gas for the lawn mower

I borrowed one of Kevin’s tools that looked like a super sized chisel on a 6 foot steel rod (I really need to find out what this is called, they use it to break up roots and any rocks that are in the footer holes) to get rid of that last stump in the side yard that just will not go away

before and after

the things I haven’t completed but would still like to do (besides any shopping necessary)

-clean the back windows…why have all those windows if they are dirty
-clean the new glider that’s on the front porch
-mosquito mist the hammock so that it can be used without bug bites
-and I’ll have to cut the grass again before then

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