Home Depot – Weed Wacker Repair/Replace

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Home Depot called about the WeedWacker, this asshole actually said to me, “I dont want to call you an idiot or anything, but you have to charge the battery”, I told him I charged the battery twice and it still died after 5 minutes of runtime.  He said he would zip tie it and call me back.  Maybe 3-4 minutes later, he calls back and says, it’s smoking from both ends.  He asked if I had the receipt (who keeps everything??  of course I have the receipt)…back to home depot I go…

I walk in, wait, wait, wait…then 100 year old man comes in and says he’ll take care of me…he had trouble finding if it were under warranty because he didn’t know if it was motor or battery related (both of these would still be under warranty and once I told him that, he hung up the phone with Ryobi)..he rung me up for $18.95 for diagnostic…I was so fed up and wanting to get out of there, I was willing to pay.  Well, the dumbass had problems the computer and had to call in Laura, the manager…I could tell that she has dealt with 100 year old man before so she fixed me up, then said, what was the $18.95 for?  So I told her and she said that she will get me my money back, as well as a new weedwacker or my money back.  10 minutes later, I have a store credit for the weedwacker and the $18.95 returned to my card.  If it were not for Laura stepping in, I may have never returned to another Home Depot again…and I would have voiced that everywhere!  between the weedwacker and the bathroom sink…

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