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Screened In Porch – steps complete

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I completed the steps on Saturday, but had to pull up one of the boards, shift it a hair and then put it back in place.  I also had to finish screwing in the board I replaced on the porch…so now it’s COMPLETE!

I also replaced one of the boards that ended up being part of the top step.

There are still a couple boards I want to replace, but I am thinking more about the railing now.  Strange how once you start improving things, the things that weren’t so bad, now seem to be worst…

There is one more thing that we want completed this year and then we will wait until next year (or the year after) to screen it in….the siding on the front A-Frame!  That will pretty much make it look complete from the front…Tyvek paper makes it look incomplete!

I watched a bunch of videos on siding, and if I had the patience for trying to figure out the angles, I know I could do it.  I just imagine me measuring, cutting, up and down the ladder a million times…total frustration!

Jen and I have been spending more time out on the front porch, there always seems to be a breeze and the porch now provides shade…it feels like summer at the beach now!

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Screened In Porch – new sturdy steps

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Jen and I decided that the steps and the siding are the priority, and once those things are done, we will sit back and enjoy the porch (probably screen it in in the fall or next spring).

Having 3 days off, I decided that I would do the steps myself.  After lots of thinking it through and measuring, I set out for home depot.

This is what I have to work with, after removing the cement step and the wobbly boards. There’s no going back now!  I hope I don’t need to go find some Wawa milk crates!

I figured out that I could use pre-made stringers with some deck/joist hangers.

After 3 trips to home depot, 2 steps were completed when I ran out of daylight

trip 1) stringers, deck screws, (1) 2″x10″
trip 2) return stringers, get the right stringers (4 steps) get 3″ deck screws, (2) 1″x6″, and a couple 2″x6″ to get started
trip 3) get 1 5/8″ deck screws

Don’t come over yet!  It’s not safe!  😉  Finishing up tomorrow!

I hate computers…

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It’s a love hate thing!!

After months of working well, all the sudden mom’s computer started shutting down on her, she got to the point where she could time it. Troubleshooting remotely might have helped narrow it down faster, but timing that could be a real pain in the ass!

I gave Shelly a can of air to give to her to blow out the fan a while back, thinking that it was getting hot and her room is pretty much closed off, it could be full of dust (normal issue for any PC).

This didn’t seem to help, so my next guess was a lack of memory. So when she came over this weekend to dog sit, I asked her to bring her PC with her. I installed some hardware monitoring software and found out it was definetly heat related. The fan would come on and try to cool, but it would still shut down.

Turns out it was the hard drive that was overheating and NO way to cool it down. Who the hell would design a case that had no ventilation? I was set on tearing some old dead PC’s apart to rebuild one. So far, the only thing I would need to buy is a Power Supply. I told mom that she could take her PC home until I can replace it, but the problem is still there.
I told her that she could open the case, and blow a fan directly into it, as I showed her where the hard drive is, we discovered a vent that was hidden in the front plate. Needless to say, there is no longer a faceplate on it! The vent had many layers of dust! Once we cleaned it off, that seemed to do the trick!! Mom’s PC is back to it’s normal kick-ass self!

Welcome back to the internet mom!

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