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I decided that when the Lemon Law case was finished, I would take any money from it and get a pickup.  So when the lawyer called me yesterday to talk about a settlement, I did very little negotiating…I stood firm for the first call, but they came back with a counter-offer and since i really didnt want to have to go to court for this and it was more than the first offer, I took it!

I kinda knew what I wanted…I liked the Nissan Frontier because it’s a 6 cylinder and I think that’s all the power I will ever really need, got rave reviews from Kevin and Bradford (how can I go wrong?).  So I called my cousin, John (he knows more about cars than anyone I know). He told me that the Frontier had had a transmission issue from 2005 to 2008, but nothing since then…so I was sold!  He also told me to go to carmax and get a written appraisal, either carmax would buy my car or I could use the appraisal to negotiate…which is exactly what I did.

This is now my newest toy…I hope to be driving this truck way past 300k miles!

Now I have to go buy something that you can only move in a truck!

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