New Toilet

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You ain’t gonna believe this shit!

We went to Lowe’s to buy something that we could put in the back of the truck…you know, something that wouldn’t easily be moved in a car, so we bought a toilet.

For years the old toilet was faithful, but sometimes didn’t want to finish it’s job…so it was time to retire it!

I pulled the old toilet up when I gutted the bathroom, but since it was an old reliable toilet, I just rebuilt it…all new gaskets, brass screws, wax ring, new seat…all of it!

I have done this job before which means I know I will probably need a second pair of hands, so I figured I would do it on the day Scott was supposed to come over and if I needed help, he would be close by.

Removing the old toilet was quick and clean…it really helped that the brass screws weren’t so completely rusted.  The cast iron closet flange wasn’t as pretty as it could be so I ran down to home depot and got one of these

I took my time putting the new toilet in, and even though Jen was a little skeeved by the job, she was ok with helping me lining it up so that the wax ring didn’t go askew, got it bolted down, added the tank, connected the plumbing and flushed it. Haven’t seen a leak yet (and I have been checking), it doesn’t rock, feels pretty solid….now we just need 30 golf balls to test it.  OK, so no golf balls, but that’s how they advertised this particular toilet!

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