2015 Wish List

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Oh, where to start!

This spring’s projects are going to be exciting!  We have refinanced the mortgage (and the home equity line of credit) with our credit union.  One payment instead of 2…woot! woot!

The first thing on the list that we want to do is to finish the front porch…I would love to see it screened in before the mosquitoes notice.  I don’t imagine that this will be an easy task, but I have full confidence that Scott will set it all right.

The second thing is I want to get rid of all of the paneling…which means gutting just about every wall in the house (I know we could just put the drywall up over the paneling, but I dont want to lose an inch round every room and I want to see all the electric wires and most likely add some outlets…running extension cords across the living room floor for my laptop is just crazy!

There are still alot of smaller projects that will come out of these two big projects…so stay tuned!!!

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