Basement – Base Cabinets…Nov 15, 2014

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Last weekend I decided that I was going to buy a piece of vinyl flooring and put it underneath Jack’s base cabinets.  Everything that I want to do down in the basement has been put off because of the water that comes up from the center of the floor.  (hydrostatic pressure).  (I will link this to the page that explains the basement water issues at a later date)

So…Jack’s cabinets have been sitting in the basement for way too long, he busted his ass building them…and they are beautiful, but they were custom made for their kitchen in DE…we couldn’t leave them there!!

Today, I put down the vinyl and put the base cabinets in…I would say they are permanently installed.  Since we had done all the kitchen cabinets with Scott, I was feeling fairly confident that I could do this!  The floor isnt level so that really was the only trick…I wedged a 1x under one end of the room and smaller wedges to the other end and screwed them into place.

I will get my dart board back up soon!

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