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The big project over the last year has been the front porch. We screened it in, painted, and added a fire table. It really feels like we are down the beach when chilling out there…minus the bugs!

I have found that when we want to bring the bikes in from the rack on my truck (usually when it’s going to rain)…I bring them up on the porch…even though you can see through them, they are in the way! So I decided that I wanted a “bike storage shed” for my birthday. Jen said, send me the link…

Initially, we picked out a slide-roof storage shed and ordered it from Amazon. Well, then the Covid-19 Stay At Home order came in and Amazon stopped my delivery at one of the last stops (my guess is it got destroyed by a fork lift or a pissed employee who felt my shed was non-essential…not knowing I ordered it before).

After that, I decided to get what I wanted from Ace Hardware in Aston/Media. I love these owned and willing to match anything that I can find cheaper on Amazon. (I bought myself a new Weber Grill from the them a few months ago…I will post all of that info too..)

This is what it supposed to look like…we shall see!

They delivered it yesterday! I unboxed it and brought it up on the porch so that I can build the walls and get it ready to put it in it’s forever home…pictures to come later.

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