Covid Vaccination part 1

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I did it…I finally got my first shot…Pfizer. The shot itself was painless, but everything else about it was painful.

From the proper place to put yourself on a waiting list, up until I sat in the chair to get the shot!

I knew I was 1a, but I figured it wouldn’t take long to get through the list, so I was patient…and it’s not like I don’t work from home, or I am around a bunch of people. But my patience started to wear thin when weeks past and PA (especially Delco) couldn’t get more than 100 shots per pharmacy. The philly distribution clusterfuck kinda set the tone for the entire state, because even after FEMA stepped in, it really didn’t get much better.

At that point, I started signing us up for every place that had a ‘waiting list’…weeks were passing and nothing! I even had a friend try to get us in, in Delaware (I believe they are starting on 1b)…finally someone posted a link on a Facebook page to sign up at Crozer, that they had open appointments for 1a for April…I went to the page and there were appointments for this month…so I was able to get one for 4 days away…I really thought it was going to be the end of April…so setting up the appointment was fairly painless.

I scheduled the time off from work to get it done and gave myself a few extra minutes because who knows what the parking will be. AND it’s a good thing I did. The directions that came with the appointment said ‘vaccines area is located off the Main Lobby’ and that was pretty much it.

Once I got there, there were VACCINE signs pointing to the lobby, so I decided to park in the garage and walked to the front door…outside, because I really didn’t want to be in the building until I had to be…I get to the door and it’s locked someone said, you cant get in there…you have to go in through the parking garage…so now I am out of breath (wearing my mask) and a little pissed off. I go all the way back to the door I came out of and went through the building to the Main Lobby. I checked in and at that point I filled in a form and signed up for my second shot, they said go around the corner to the first door on the left. That was the easiest part of this sub-process!

I go around the corner and there are people sitting all over the hall, I was thinking this was the line, but everyone said they were done and waiting their 15 minutes to leave. So I walk in the door and there are X’s every 6’…but the problem is, there is no way to get to the next X without walking between everyone…at that point, the volunteer asks me (and the people behind me to go in the other room and get in that line…a nurse starts arguing with her…to the point where security gets involved. I am like…just tell me what line to get in so I can wait from there…because I was not feeling safe where I was standing.

All they needed to do was shut the door and have the check in people have them go in the door directly behind them…at least until they figured it out. Why was it, that they were doing this daily and it is NOW an issue?? The security guard was butt hurt and walked away, the nurse started belittling the volunteer and I was like…I’m just going to “THIS LINE” and stepped on the next X…everyone else behind me did the same thing.

At that point, I could see the light.. I was 3rd in line with 2 people administering shots…I moved up the next X…so close..finally, my turn. The nurse tells me that I can sit down, but she is waiting for more shots. I was grateful that it didn’t take long 🙂

I did not feel the shot…I thought she was trying to distract me from getting the actual shot. She told me to drink lots of water (which I do anyway) and go have a seat. I sat in the lobby for my 15 minutes with no side effects or issues.

I did have a headache last night, but I had actually woken up with it…so I honestly don’t know if it was the lingering headache or a Pfizer headache…

24 hours later, I still have a slight headache…I don’t think it’s related to the vaccine, but no other complaints….stay tuned for my part 2..April 15th

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