Covid Vaccination part 3

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My turn again…

Crozer was a little busier today since they opened up the next category, which I believe is anyone between 16-64. There was a line from the valet desk all the way to the front lobby. One of the nurses later told me that the goal was to get 1000 people their first shots a day. After standing in that line for about 20 minutes, a guard walked through the hall asking for anyone there that was getting their second shot. I lucked out on that one.

It was really crazy…and confusing. There were alot of people working very hard and everyone was mostly patient and relaxed…but still another stupid thing happened. Crozer was handing out rubber wristbands that said Crozer Covid – 19 Fighter…in a plastic bowl that moved from one person to another like a collection plate…wtf were they thinking? I let the bowl bypass me. We were all there to get shots to protect us from a very contagious virus, and the bowl went down the line of people that have NOT gotten their first shot yet…am I the only one that sees this??

I got the shot around 10:30 and did my obligatory sit in the lobby for 15 I was leaving, I saw the 2 people in line with me…they were coming around the corner to the lobby…so I guess I saved about 20-25 minutes by being pulled from that line.

Driving home…I felt warmth from my elbow up to my shoulder. Warm to the touch…it was a weird sensation. Nothing else.

About 8:30 pm my arm started feeling sore where I got the shot and there is some pain lifting my arm, but it doesnt feel like joint pain…I may just take a Tylenol just to be safe.

I am more worried about everyone else’s reports of fever, chills and other yucky symptoms…I am even a little paranoid…

24 hours(ish) later…I had a restless night and ended up wide awake at 5am. Feeling just fine…I won’t count my chickens though…maybe tomorrow morning.

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