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I said to Jen this morning, I can’t wait until this weekend is over because everyone is assuming that every change will be bad…even if it’s not.  At least on Monday, we will have a better idea of what to really worry about!

Jen said…blog about it!  So here are my thoughts…and they are ALL OVER the place!

Let me start this by saying, I did NOT vote for Trump! I think he is an asshole! He is a bar-room bully as far as I am concerned! But he did say alot of things that make sense, the things that people wanted to hear about change…and the longest he can be in the position is 8 years. Things will probably need to be re-built in 4/8 years, but like the ACA, it needs to be revisited anyway! Everyone is SO willing to bitch and scream, and march against the issues, but where is the resolution? To make a difference, put ideas of resolution out there! Tell/Show me how to change things!

You asked for real change! That is the concept that got Obama in the White House…now there is a NON-politician in there…this might be the change you have been asking for! I want corruption out of politics, I want the real words instead of the politically correct sensitive words. That DOES NOT mean that I want anyone/everyone to intentionally hurt anyone! I think you can have tact and find words that dont hurt and be honest! I want to see jobs come back to USA, just not sure how that can happen though, because how can that happen until the cost of living goes down…and how can that happen when entry level jobs become career paths?

You cant make a change at the highest level until you work at making a change at the lowest level. find out the beliefs of the local politician, (they all go to local outings) ask her/him what they think of trump (or the like, or your issues) and make your decision on that, because somewhere down the line, they will stand with or spin that answer. And if you end up not liking anything they say, you are probably not the only one…throw your hat in the ring!! isn’t that what would make real change?? I have always believe that budget changes can be made without losing people. Here in Ridley Twp, I see money being wasted…street cleaners driving around not sweeping, code enforcement car driving around looking to catch someone without a permit…last year, I saw a snow plow scraping the street to the point where they created pot holes. Why can’t they find this crew something more productive to do? Turn off those Christmas Lights that are on from Oct to Feb!! Why did they build a bigger/better high school? they still use a big part of the old HS for student related things. Why not improve it, add to it? But no, we needed to look better than the other twp’s!! I could go on and on about money being wasted and my taxes going up EVERY YEAR (even though the newspaper says “no new tax hike”)…that’s about how other twp’s perceive ours…because in the end, I get the tax bill!

I respect my friends that go on these “marches”, but I have chosen not to, mostly because the marches seem to happen AFTER the FACT…why not have these marches before voting season? When things can be looked at from a more fair perspective.

Some of the people in this country lack respect, you can see it in the way kids/people act. I watched a video of this ‘law student’ arguing with a police officer on the side of the road about his rights being offended because it’s not legal to pull someone over for a sobriety test. I can’t say that I disagree with that guy, but I also believe that the best thing he could have done to make a real change, would be to “respect what the officer says” and then fight it out in a court room…where this is supposed to happen. You know, scales of justice kinda thing! I know when people get in my face, it always escalates. So don’t get in that cop’s face on the side of the road, because most likely, he is not doing this because he is power hungry and wants to give you personally a hard time, but because he is hoping to keep the other drivers on the road safe. and that’s his job. Turning on your video camera and provoking/screaming at a cop is not the way to go!!! My point it, Trump is our President, at least respect it! He fought for it, earned it and you can’t change it! But you can fight it at a future date by educating yourself to the things that are happening to you on a local level!
News Media really spin things…everything is/has become propaganda.

As much as I love Joe Biden, he was caught making jokes that were not politically correct…but as far as the country was concerned, that is what made him a “real” person. and that’s what everyone likes about him…that he is down to earth and able to connect with everyone!

How is it that Hillary Clinton is solely responsible for the “bengazi” disaster?? Whatever the details are of the secret mission, how can anyone believe that HC planned this whole thing out by herself…and then set it into motion, ALONE!?! I thought that only our president was capable (in the eyes of the public) of making these kind of plans and decisions alone (NOT!, ever heard of the house and senate?)

I watched the Inauguration, I heard his first speech. Some things I liked, some things I thought, WTF? But 12 years ago, my boss, Chris Allan, who worked for and retired from MD State Archives, made us all read Lincoln’s Inaugural speech before our weekly meeting. As I read it, and I don’t remember the details, I was thinking, he said everything people wanted to hear, but how much of it had he actually changed, because it sounded like smoke being blown up the ass of the American people. I didn’t like how that felt, considering that he was one of the greatest american presidents ever, so it still sits with me!

I am grateful that I am able to change my mind about “issues”. When you are a politician and you feel one way at 21 years old, you are held to that same point of view throughout your life. If I was held to my beliefs as a kid, everyone on the planet would have died of old age by 30.

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