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This has been a terrible spring for my lawn equipment!  I got the lawn mower out of the shed, after a few pulls, it started right up.  I did the back yard with no problem.  I move to the front yard…1 length of the yard and it dies…wtf!!  I can start it, but it immediately stalls…there is no way to get the yard cut like this!!  With all this frustration, I reach out to my friend who says, bring it over, I’ll have the hubby take a look at it.

I throw it in the car and head out…Chuck takes a look at it, ties back the safety, wiggles some magic cable and poof…it’s all good!  Back into the car (after a couple lifesaving beers) I head back home, pull it out of the car, starts up just fine, one square around the yard…stalls again…I hate lawn equipment!  At this point, I am thinking about hiring a lawn service and not fixing or replacing anything.

Chuck diagnoses, bad carburetor…if I can get a replacement part, it may cost me almost as much as a new mower!!  Did I mention, I hate lawn equipment??

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