First Ride 2019, last ride…

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I pick up the new bike tomorrow, but since it’s the first day of 2019 that it’s above 70* and I need to get a ride in. Kanicki set this ride into motion and I put it out on facebook (side note: make a biking facebook list). No one else is joining us. We are meeting at the 420 parking lot at the heinz refuge (Kanicki got there before I did)

Everyone else in the tri-state area had the same itch…there was only a couple parking spots left and when we were coming back, there were cars/trucks parked on 420.

I was telling Kanicki about Death Valley (it’s about a 1/2 mile strip that is closest to the sun…and the biggest Thistle I have ever seen)…she stopped to take off a layer and I kept going…way slow….a doe jumped in the path and I watched her move through the brush and jump the path right in front of Kanicki…then I saw the buck, but he decided to go in the opposite direction of the path. Kanicki said that she learned in horseback riding on trails, she was taught that the first deer doesn’t get you…the second one always does!

It was a quick, really nice ride…the last for my old bike…but a new beginning…

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