Still too damn cold

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It is 30* right now, so I am glad that we called off the first bike ride of the year. Jen was planning on riding with me and Kanicki was wanting to ride too, but she had places to be in the afternoon, so she would have had to ride early…

A few years ago, Jen and I went out for a ride when it was 55*…I was thinking that would be a nice temp, but I knew Jen would be cold, so she under-armored up with sweatshirt layers…yeah, no…we rode until we were warm but the noses running constantly made for a lousy ride…so we decided to not ride unless it’s over 60*

I am still on the fence about buying a new bike, but Jimmy is working at CycleFit today, so we are going to stop in and see if there is a ‘perfect fit’ bike…

found it!! Trek Verve 2…Jen says that it was made for me

My Birthday Present

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