weekend projects

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Saturday, we went to Lowes in DE to get a new faucet…believe it or not, they had more bronze ones than HomeDepot…and I was still pissed at them anyway!!  We also went to a bunch of furniture places to see if we could find a table that will fit in our ‘bistro’ corner…no luck there!

Sunday, installed the new faucet!  no leaks!  Once that was done, we put the first coat of sealer on the countertop, from what we have read, we are supposed to do this every 6 months to a year…so worth it!

I went internet surfing for some stuff…found a slate bistro table that we are hoping works with the rest of the kitchen, if not, I am SO prepared to spray paint it black and be done with it, I also ordered Up/Down shades on clearance at jcp.com and a door sweep that automatically drops when the door is closed…awesome little device!!  Let’s hope it’s all here by Thanksgiving!

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