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Carpeting Project 2019-02

You have to remember, we have renovated all of the living space except for our bedroom. Having 3 dogs and knowing that no one ever had to see our bedroom, there was no hurry in getting anything done in there. And we were so tired of “construction” that it was ok with us to not do anything. But once this project had taken on life, we started discussing what colors we would like to have. Jen was about to go to karate and we decided to swing by Home Depot just to see what they had in “life proof/pet proof’ carpet…

We had made a decision right there, PetProof Collinger II-Color Meandering Textured Carpet…so we sat down with the carpeting expert and set up a “professional measure” of the 3 rooms. She told us that the process would be, I would get a call for that appointment, then after a day or so, we would get a call about pricing estimates for any carpet we want, that we can change everything right up until the day of installation. Once there was a decision on which carpet, I would get a call from the installer. She told us that from the day they measure until install is normally 3 weeks…that’s perfect amount of time for me to get as much out of the rooms and still be organized about it…

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